How does Man At Ease make money?

Well – it doesn’t really. Not yet anyway. I’m certainly no quitting the day job any time soon that’s for sure.

I’m not currently affiliated with anyone and so I’m not taking a percentage of sales through Amazon or Ebay for example.

I am paid to write some posts that specifically link to brands and products. These will be clearly highlighted and I will only accept work that I personally find interesting and will not compromise the integrity of Man At Ease or indeed me personally.

From time to time I will mention my wife’s side line. She has a passion for vintage curiosities, retro items and antiques. She runs an Etsy shop called Curious Tiger. If this is your thing please make sure you pop over and take a peek. Our house is full of stuff so you’ll probably be doing me a favour.

She’s also on Twitter @TheCuriousTiger

I currently run optimized ads on this site. If you view or click through any adverts – fantastic – thank you. I know ads can be annoying at times, but a little bit of revenue here and there will help keep the lights on.

Finally, if anyone is interested in working with me, whether it’s guest blogging, affiliation, advertising, product testing or whatever just drop me a line.

Thank you to all my readers for your support.