I was inspired to create this website after a crazy couple of weeks in my life. Amongst other things, I’d pushed mind and body to the limits by completing a special forces test march. Simultaneously, I was reading Grayson Perry’s book The Descent of Man in which he challenges the whole ethos of masculinity and what we can do to be better men by embracing more ‘traditionally’ feminine qualities.

I began to question why – apart from raising money for charity – I felt the need to run up mountains with a huge bergen on my back. Was it to try prove my manliness? Was is competitiveness? Was it just a charitable act? I still don’t really know. But whatever my mind set, it was clear that any reasoning was inextricably linked to Grayson’s observations.

So I started looking at lifestyle websites aimed at men. There are hundreds of sites about how to be a better man. Most of them seem to be filled with fast cars, designer watches, six packs and half naked women.

There is nothing wrong with aspirations and ambitions. In fact, ambition can be positively healthy. We’d get nowhere in life if we didn’t set ourselves goals. So you’ll probably see plenty of ambition and endeavour on this site.

But on our death beds we won’t be recounting tales of the time we bought that 60 inch television in the Black Friday sale. If we’re not careful, it will be regrets about moments lost with family and friends and those times we said ‘no’ to things.

I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for on the web. There’s loads of great content and some fabulous sites. No doubt it’s all there somewhere but nothing really spoke to me personally.

In the end, I decided to create this website to start writing my own content and to share things from around the web that I find interesting. Things about living your life, being good husbands and fathers, fitness, cooking, insight and no doubt the odd bit of DIY.

But above all to focus on enjoying life, be at ease with who you are and remember that sometimes you need to disconnect to connect…