The Need for Speed

For Charlotte’s birthday this year I booked us in for am adrenaline filled morning on Zip World Velocity in North Wales.

Nestled in Penryhn Quarry, Bethesda, Velocity is said to be the fastest zip line in the world. At nearly a mile long it reaches speeds of up to 119mph.

Me and my mate had ridden the zip line about 18 months before. Our wives had both then said how much fun it looked and that they wanted to have a go.

In the run up to the day I think Charlotte was regretting those past comments. But even the tail end of Storm Brian was not going to stop us.

Zip World now has a shiny new visitor facility. Including a cafe / restuarant for those who dare not ride or for a well earned brew after the event. And there’s now somewhere plush to get weighed, suited and booted.

Once you’re kitted up it’s a short walk to  the Little Zipper. This is the introductory zip line to prepare you for the big ‘un.

From the Little Zipper you can see along and up the quarry. Just beneath the ridgeline is the start of the Big Zip. The line actually crosses the Little Zip on the way down.

The Little Zip is great fun in itself. But once complete everyone piles into a bright red truck for a 10 minute drive up to the top of the slate quarry.

There are amazing views from the top right across Menai Straits to Anglesey and Puffin Island in the distance.

All there is left to do is to way your turn, assume the position, get strapped in, take a deep breathe and away you go…

It’s an exhilarating 50 second run down to the bottom. As the walls of the slate quarry peel away, you cross the lake and hit heights of some 150m. The speed picks up and there really is a sense of flying.

It’s an amazing experience. Definitely one i’d repeat for a third time. The most important thing though is that Charloltte will be coming with me too…

This is not a commissioned post. It’s just so much fun you feel compelled to tell everyone about it. There’s loads of things to do in North Wales. So let me know about your adventures…

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  1. I live in Snowdonia but haven’t yet done this, although it’s definitely on my bucket list. The plan is to get someone to have the kids for the day next summer while my husband and I give it a go… can’t wait!!

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  2. A friend of mine did that last year and absolutely loved it. She said it was so much fun, and like you, would do it again. I somehow don’t think you’d get me up there though!


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