DIY in the Bedroom

Our main project this year has been to complete our master bedroom. It feels a bit weird showing the world our bedroom. But we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved – so why the heck not!? We’ve had a little help from our friends too who get some honorary mentions along the way.

We’d been living with filthy wallpaper, thin orange curtains, dirty gold carpet and a 70’s lampshade for over 3 years. Oh yeah and a great big hole in the ceiling. It was time bring the tired old room into the 21st century and create ourselves as cosy boudoir.

Ripping it apart was a pleasure. Stripping back the walls was easy. The paper was so old and brittle it came off in huge strips.

It didn’t take long at all. And once we’d gotten rid of that old carpet and got the plastering done it was time to crack on with everything else…

The Wallpaper

This was probably the greatest source of consternation. We were dead set on the designer Manuel Canovas but deciding on the pattern and colour caused endless discussion. Too bright, too masculine, too repetitive, not bright enough. In the end, we chose Hazara in the black colour way depicting Mongolian scenes.


There was no way I was trying to hang it though. Mistakes would be expensive. So we got our friend Lady Lou in to help us. And a cracking job she did too…

Lights, Camera, Action

The electrics were fairly straight forward (if you’re a qualified electrician which I’m not!). I changed the two existing plug sockets on either side of the bed from singles to doubles. Replacing them with new sockets with burnished copper fascias.


I even took a spur off them and put another single socket on the opposite side of the room. Apparently Charlotte couldn’t live without somewhere to plug in her hair drier.

I wired a second light in as well. The hammered copper lights we plumped for were handmade in India (which is probably not as fancy as it sounds).


Finding the right mirror for the chimney breast was more difficult than you might think. In the end, we chose this huge, round copper mirror.

Mirror, mirror on the wall…

The Drapes
The curtains turned out be the most expensive purchase. We wanted them to add drama and contrast to the room. There was much deliberation over the colour and the material. We ended up with a slubbed silk in cerise colour. I think we got it right in the end.


Because of the odd size we ended up having them handmade and bespoke fitted by Creative Interiors, Leamington. And to be honest they were probably glad to see the back of us after our numerous in-store marital arguments and weeks of indecision. No doubt we’ll be back there for our next project though!


After being quoted the ‘sharp’ end of £2.5k by one of the high street companies, we decided we’d employ the services of our mate Martin of Aspinall Carpentry & Joinery

Out with the old…

Martin made a bespoke frame and a set of panelled doors with an oak veneer. The panels were specifically designed to reflect the original doors. The antique brass knobs were purchased from Willow and Stone, Falmouth whilst on a weekend away to Cornwall.

To finish them off – with a bit of time and patience – I stained and waxed the doors in a Jacobean Walnut.

In with the new…

The Furniture

The bed is from Ikea of all places. Originally in beech, we knew we loved the shape but hated the colour. It felt weird buying a brand new bed to stain it up. But with a bit of care, some more of that Jacobean Walnut and some wax it’s come up a treat.


We found this gorgeous black lacquer, horseshoe chair in an antique shop in Llandudno, North Wales. It now sits proudly in the bay window.


I’ve also done up a lovely little chest for one of the bedside tables. I bought it from a local street sale for two quid. A quick sand down, a cheeky lick of paint, some decoupage skills and job’s a good ‘un.



The rest of the furniture is a work in progress but I’m sure we’ll get some inspiration along the way.

So here you have it…

Now it’s all about planning the next project…

Let me know what you think and I’d love to hear about your plans…




  1. Oh my goodness, what a transformation! That wallpaper is amazing and you’ve matched everything to it perfectly! The gold and pink work so well. I love the up-cycled furniture as well. IT all looks amazing!


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