The Pembrokeshire Coast

The Pembrokeshire Coastal Path is 186 miles of  breath taking scenery, amazing wildlife and beautiful beaches. During our recent holiday to Pembrokeshire we took a number of walks from various points along the trail. Here’s a handful of photos that I took in this stunning area…

The blue waters around The Needle, Dinas Head
The church ruins at Cwm-yr-Eglwys
Looking out over Marloes Sands
The harbour at Porth Clais
Lower Fishguard
The Arch near Porth Clais
Obligatory foot photo

Have you been to Pembrokeshire? Do you have a favourite bit of coast line? Let me know what you think…😀

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  1. One of my good friends lives in Pembrokeshire and I had the pleasure of catering a wedding there a few weeks back. It’s an absolutely stunning place, even the long drive from Manchester wasn’t a drag with all the beautiful scenery on offer!


  2. Wow, stunning pictures! I can’t actually remember ever having visited, but I hear such good things from people who are firm fans. I do love an autumn break in the UK. You’ve reminded me to put Pembrokeshire into the possibles list!


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