Dinorwig Slate Quarry & Llyn Peris, Snowdonia

Moody weather had ruined our plans to walk along the Miners track towards the lakes beneath Mount Snowdon.

We had a picnic in a lay-by staring through steamy, rain soaked car windows. Peering out down the valley and across to the waters of Llyn Peris below the Dinorwig Quarry.

A check of the GPS showed there was a path around the lake. We decided to risk the weather. We donned our boots and waterproofs and set off. As the turbulent weather moved off we were rewarded with a wonderful and unexpected walk.

Here’s some photos of the journey…

Llyn Peris looking towards Llanberis
The blue(ish) waters of Llyn Peris
The dark remains of the quarry
Foundations of old buildings surrounded by heather
Higher above Llyn Peris


Quarry selfie
Stream at quarry’s edge
Sheep relaxing

Every cloud has a silver lining as they say…

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  1. What a beautiful place to visit. I really want to start venturing further afield and seeing some more of the UK witht he little ones. Your photos are really lovely as well!


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