The Fresh Air of Borrowdale and Castle Crag

After a morning of rain and a delightful lunch in Keswick, it was time to head outdoors. We decided to go for a hike and follow a short route we’d found in a random online top ten and that was also published on the National Trust website.

Myself, Charlotte and our 6yr old daughter Brielle headed for the village of Grange at the southern end of Derwent lake. Grange is a small village but is a popular little place and finding a place to dump the car was tricky.

When we finally got our boots on, we loaded up and headed through the gate up and over towards Hollows Farm using the NT instructions as a guide. Although we’d quickly had to screen shot all the web pages for lack of signal.


Hollows is a lovely little farm with a B&B, self catering cottages and a campsite. Where we were staying in Ullswater was lovely enough and we were right on the lake, but it was busy and commercial and the isolation of this particular campsite had far more charm.

The path from there takes you down to the river Derwent. The waters presented a stunning photo op and the chance for us all to spend some time skimming stones across the surface.

Derwent selfie…

And just up the hill is the old Dalt Quarry that has now become a wetland habitat.

Dalt Quarry…

The walk then continued up towards Castle Crag. The pathway following the stream uphill as it cuts through the valley. It’s a moderate incline but nothing the little ‘un couldn’t handle.


The higher we got the more stunning the view back down the valley. In the distance the mountains rose above Derwent lake.

Down the valley…

Castle Crag rose up on our left to some 900 odd feet. I left the girls on a memorial bench part way up whilst I quickly made my way to the top.


The view was well worth it. But when I got back down the girls had been sat watching a red squirrel. A rare treat that I’d missed.

For some reason I also missed the path around the crag. So we headed back down the valley and took a different route along the opposite side of the stream and back down to the river. Then it was just a case of retracing our steps back through the farm and to the car.

We’d took our time and covered a few miles in a couple of hours. But it was a beautiful walk, well recommended and easily do-able with an enthusiastic 6 year old in tow…

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