Shropshire Farms and the Long Mynd

Last weekend, a last minute decision to get away for the night led us to the wonderful Shropshire countryside and the fabulous Broome Park Farm B&B in Cleobury Mortimer.

A warm welcome awaited us

We’d booked into the ‘green room’ – one of only 2 rooms at the property. A family en-suite room with a double bed and a single for the little ‘un.

Catherine our host warmly greeted us on arrival. Showed us around and offered to put the kettle on. 10 minutes later – sitting out in the glorious sunshine – Catherine bought out the brews, some elderflower cordial and 3 slices of homemade cake each!

Room with a view

After taking the little ‘un to collect eggs and feed the pigs we sat down to dinner in the dining room. The second guest room was occupied by an older couple. Maybe they just didn’t fancy dinner or maybe they just wanted time to themselves. More fool them. Catherine served up three amazing courses of home cooked grub.

After that there was plenty of time left to play out in the garden in the evening sunshine. Then it was time for a glass (or two) of red and a game of Boggle in the knowledge that our daughter was safely tucked in upstairs.

Breakfast didn’t disappoint either. Gloucester old spot sausages and bacon direct from the farm, eggs from the hens. homemade jams and honey. Simply divine and there was loads. Anything the girls left went straight onto my plate.

With full stomachs we departed for Little Stretton and the Long Mynd, taking in the amazing views from the top of Clee Hill on the way.

We’d stayed at Small Batch campsite last June. The footpath from the back of the campsite takes you out and up into the valley and onto National Trust property. The Long Mynd is stunning and the real beauty of this particular valley is that it’s away from the crowds at Carding Mill Valley.


The weather was amazing and we were right in the middle of the hottest June since I was born (a long time ago). Because of the heat we didn’t walk that far. We found a spot to ourselves by the stream, got our swimmies on and spent a hour sitting in the water and relaxing in the sun.


There was a point though when it became just too hot. We had plenty of fluids and lotion, but with a lack of shade meant we could easily have found ourselves with sun burn or heat stroke. So we decided to stroll back to the car and make our way up to Church Stretton.

Our first obligation (of course) was to roam around the many floors of the antique’s market. Looking for items for the house or for Charlotte’s shop – Curious Tiger. 

It had been a good few hours since breakfast so for our final stop of the day we decided to go to Jemima’s Kitchen at Victoria House. During the previously mentioned camping trip, we’d eaten here twice over one weekend.

Once more it was marvellous. I fancy I over indulged a bit on sandwiches and even more cake. Why not eh???


  1. It looks beautiful here! We used to visit Shropshire for our family holidays each year when I was younger and I remember the trails!!


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