First time on Dartmoor

Last weekend we all went to Devon with our good friends Matt, Sara and their two girls. I thought I’d do a quick mention of our day in Dartmoor.

Matt had suggested that we got our boots on and all take a walk in Dartmoor. And I was quite excited to be heading out on the moors. Especially after only ever having driven past along the A30 on my way to Cornwall.

It was a grey day with the ever present threat of rain. After Matts dodgy navigation we finally found ourselves at our first stop, Hound Tor, a granite outcrop between Bovey Tracey and Widecombe. So called because the rocks resemble the heads of dogs and is apparently an inspiration for Sherlock Holmes.

View up to Hound Tor

The granite is great for climbing. The kids – of course – were fearless. Racing to the top of each stack of rocks without a care. The oldies were a bit more cautious but the views from the tops were amazing.

A grey vista across the moors

Then it was time for a short drive to the village of Chagford for a Devonshire cream tea. We had an amazing lunch at The Old Forge Cafe. The food was amazing and our hosts couldn’t have been more helpful. Thankfully – no Devonians caught us putting the jam on our scones before the clotted cream!

Then it was on to Wistman’s Wood. The wood lies in the valley of the West Dart river near Two Bridges and is a Site of Special Scientific Interest. The wood is a mile or so walk into the valley from the car park at Two Bridges.

The spooky upland oak wood is covered in moss and lichen that festoon the trees like witches hair. The trees are stunted from the weather and there was seemingly no end of nooks and crannies to explore. A stone’s throw away, the river cuts its way through the valley and the kids couldn’t resist dangling their fingers in the rapid waters.

The ever so slightly eery Wistman’s Wood

Thankfully whilst we were out walking the weather didn’t amount to more that a bit of wind and a few spots of rain. My only regret was not taking more picture that I can share. I’ve no doubt we’ll be back at some point though…


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  1. Great looking place. I more times than not come home wishing I had taken more pictures so now I try to take way more than I think I will need. Angles of things sometimes make a difference. Cheers great post.


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