The Enchanted Unicorn

Tiger’s school project this term is entitled ‘The Enchanted Woodland’.  There was nothing else to do but to find a woodland or a nearby so that we could go Geocaching.

Any excuse really and we were fairly certain that she would be able to do a unique project as a result.

To make the project a little more than a walk in the park, we also decided to activate and drop off our very first trackable.

We bought a Unicorn trackable from Ebay and when it arrived we registered it as ‘The Enchanted Unicorn’. Which we thought was suitably apt under the circumstances.

We settled on the Wyre Forest which is managed by the Forestry Commission. Even though I’d spent time in Kidderminster, Bridgnorth and the surrounding area, we’d never been there before.

Plus – quite conveniently – the rangers have also hidden 3 caches in the forest.

After about an hours drive we arrived at what was a very busy car park and had to drive around to find a space. And then dutifully (in that most English of traditions) queued up for my £3 day ticket. We got our boots on and off we went.

To our relief, much of the excitement around the main entrance was centred around the café and the Go Ape adventure course. It wasn’t long before there was barely a soul in sight.

The first cache wasn’t far into the forest and we found it just off the track at the base of a tree. The coordinates downloaded into the Garmin were spot on. Sometimes they can be a bit tricky but there were no such problems. So we signed the log book and it was on to the next.

The second was in part of an arboretum and was another ammo box this time under a group of trees. Again great coordinates and this was where we decided to drop the Enchanted Unicorn.


The third was well off the beaten track and hidden under a birch near a stream. This was where we decided to break out the sandwiches and have our picnic perched on a fallen log. There was not a person to be seen or heard. It was just us 3, the birds, the trees and the trickle of water.  It felt like a rare and special moment at the very end of the British Winter.

In that 3 mile loop we’d ticked off 3 caches and had an idyllic picnic. We couldn’t ask for more really. The forest really is a lovely place and well worth a visit.

And as a bonus – The Enchanted Unicorn was picked up just hours after we dropped it off.

A little later Tiger had a lovely message from the finder that she can use for her project.

It just remains to be seen when The Enchanted Unicorn ends up next!

What is geocaching?

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